Architecture and Engineering

I worked in the architecture and engineering world for 18 years.
Fort Bliss

18 Years with HDR Architecture and Engineering

I started as an intern in college with HDR.  I began in marketing doing print graphics.  I quickly moved into creating marketing presentations.  I soon learned to create 2d/3d floor plans and site/topo plans for these efforts.

This evolved into 3d concept models.  From there I transitioned onto marketing design teams as well as SD teams for skinning of buildings.  This was mostly pre-reddit using the AutoCad Architecture’s smart objects, so my models were commonly used for elevations and sections.

I created and led a visualization department that serviced both production and marketing.  I had great success in the healthcare marketing realm until recession at the end of 2007 ground the industry to a halt.  Healthcare was slower than most to recover.  Hospital systems waited to see how Obamacare would affect them.

With the lack of new projects, the 7th round of layoffs got me in 2013.  I haven’t worked much in architecture since.

Flagship Project

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Assorted Other Projects